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Specializing in LIVE Performance Audio-Video Recording and Post-Production

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audi-o-graphy | imag-o-graphy | vide-o-graphy

field & multi-track recording | mobile & studio | video stills | camera cut stills | multi-camera recording & production | single camera recording

The Mission
Record, archive & produce media capturing the essence of the performing arts.

1. RECORD and ARCHIVE artist performances into an evolving Media Archive.

2. EXPOSE and SHARE the contents of the Media Archive Publicly.

3. CURATE and PROVIDE raw media from the Media Archive to editors, promoters and artists desiring post-production.

4. PRODUCE and PUBLISH post-productions.

5. ESTABLISH and GROW a consortium of production partners dedicated to mastery of these efforts.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved and help us continue  pursuing the TriTonix Mission.  
If you have an interest in what we are doing and want to get involved please send us a message .  
Here are just a few way you can get involved...

1. SUBSCRIBE to our channels & SHARE our media:  youtube,| facebook,| google +

2. RECORD and ARCHIVE your content with the Media Archive to be part of the recorded history of performances.

3. EDIT and PRODUCE media from the Media Archive.

4. BECOME a Production PARTNER or INTERN | Shoot, Edit, Publish

5. DONATE to help support the costs of growing & maintaining the always growing media archive.

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